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Welcome to i5

“ i5 is not just a concept but a world, starting with all new cloud based city wifi with your own wallet and with your own app which enables you to do multiple things.” it is an initiative born out of a sheer purpose which is to make people’s life better launched in 2016 from us, a company called Quantasoul aerologix pvt ltd a subsidiary company of sanghvi Infotech pvt ltd, which was formed 17 years back, currently Sanghvi is a leading System integrator in indian market and Specialised in providing networking solution with more than 5000 over back haul links and more than 4000 hotspots all across India. Having worked for more than 17 years in the same field, i5 has emerged as product of our experience, an expression to make peoples life better and more grander in the most profound way possible. Quantasoul is currently holding multiple class b isp licence having more than 200 people working together serving one purpose through the means of the digital fabric we have today and as a result we came up with a brand called i5 world.

Company Profile

Quantasoul Airologix Pvt Ltd, having its Office at 907, Pinnacle Business Park, Corporate Road, Prahladnagar, Ahmedabad 380015, is a subsidiary Company of Sanghvi Infotech Pvt Ltd., which is engaged into wireless services extensively and creating Radio Frequency infrastructure and wireless services for the corporate, institutions and telecom operators, provides end-to-end services and has the most number of wireless links than any one in Gujarat as a private player and is one of the leading system integrators in the country.

Quantasoul Airologix Pvt Ltd has been awarded with a Unified Licence-ISP Category “B” Authorization for Gujarat Service Area for providing telecom services on non-exclusive basis subject to the guidelines of Unified Licence awarded by Government of India, Ministry of Communication & Information Technology, Department of Telecommunications, New Delhi vide its Notification of October, 2015. Quantasoul provides cloud based city Wi-Fi with own wallets of users by their own app which enables them to do so many things.

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