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City Wifi solution

We are coming with our own infrastructure for public WiFi and which will be a core part of the whole concept. We will be everywhere as time passes by, and the most startling thing of this concept is, suppose you get on-boarded to i5 from a very rural place and now you enter a city, you will directly be latched on to the nearest i5 hotspot from the location of yours, and in case of finding the nearest hotspot the app will locate the nearest hotspot and will let you know the strength of the signal. We will be coming up with high speed internet, with high end devices with concurrent users upto 200 and more per hotspot.

We will not limit our self to places we have our own presence and for that we are putting this complete solution of city wifi on cloud, for which the partner just has to have infrastructure for going live on i5 world.

i5 Application

i5 world has multiple services to offer and for this we are coming up with astounding user interface incorporating all services in one application supporting iOS user as well as Android Users with more user friendly feel ever before. With i5 app you can do almost everything and slowly as the world expands into more greater realms it will embrace far more operations and will become your personal servant which can serve you anytime, anywhere , everytime and everywhere. Currently we are coming up with number of services which will include transaction through your own e wallet which will be attached to the app.

Introducing services like:-

  •    mobile and dth recharge
  •    booking your movie ticket
  •    watching T.V using internet
  •    wifi calling
  •    extending your membership with i5 city wifi
  •    bank tranfers
  •    booking your flight and railway tickets
  •    self live stream
  •    digital marketing and in browser monetizing
  •    video on demand, app will store offline videos you can watch with very little internet speed
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i5 e-wallet

No need to carry money coz I5 wallet has it all. You can book your movie tickets, can make mobile recharges, can extend your membership with I5 and many such things and as I5 worlds grows you would be able to do almost every transaction you could do with physical money you had, providing you a secure transaction never before. There will be two types of top up one will be coupon based in which you will have to buy coupons which will carry a pin, from our partners. On entering the pin in the app the wallet will hold the value of money of which you bought the coupon and the other is otp based top-up where in you will be redirected from the app to authorised payment gateway where in it will ask you your credit/debit card number and a password will be sent to you and on entering the password, money will automatically be generated unto your wallet. The wallet can be used for multiple services which the app will hold.